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  • 市川大門通りにて河村里美と辰ノ口奈稔子の二人展
    2022年5月13日 10:00 JST – 2022年5月16日 18:00 JST
    市川市, 日本、〒272-0034 千葉県市川市市川2丁目31−20
    2022年5月13日 10:00 JST – 2022年5月16日 18:00 JST
    市川市, 日本、〒272-0034 千葉県市川市市川2丁目31−20
    写真家とステンシル作家が自然の美しさを伝える二人展を 千葉県市川市で開催 〜コロナがなければ出会わなかった2人による異色コラボ〜

Thank you for requesting a photo shoot. Please fill out this request form and your session will be booked upon payment via PayPal. No refunds will be made once the booking has been finalized. Please make sure that all entered information is correct.

Photo workshops teach people the art and fun of photography for beginners.

Do you fit into any of these categories?


◽️I've just bought a camera … and I don't know how to use it.

◽️I have a smartphone and it has a camera, right?

◽️I want to take phots of my kids.

◽️I don't know how to use manual mode.

◽️I'd like to take artistic picture.

◽️I just want to take better pictures.


If you would like to schedule a workshop, just fill out the request form to let me know your interests and we'll set up a convenient schedule and location.

Arrangement for photo shoots kimono girls.

Would you like to take photos of a Japanese model wearing traditional kimono. You should bring a camera equipped with a manual mode. I'll guide you through the steps of taking stunning photos of Kimono Japanese girl. I am going to arrange model as wearing Kimono.

Join a professional photo tour that will allow you to discover the most beautiful scenes of nature in Japan.

I will provide you local spots and popular spots in Japan, Let's make customized plan for unforgettable Japan Tour.


If you are interested, please contact us



March 19th (THU) to 25h (TUE)



(10:30-14:00 on last day)



『Fuji-film Photo Gallery GINZA』

1-2-4 4F Success Ginza First Building , Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


1 minute from Exit 3, Kyobashi station on Ginza Line.

5 minutes from Kyobashi exit, Yurakucho station on JR Line.


If you have interested in this exhibition,

Please join to LINE@


▼Line@ Earth Photographer ▼

2020-7-7 何かを始めた女たち2.003.jpeg

Panel and Frame

Earth Photographer's Art Gallery Shop.

Anchor 1

December 24 th(THU) to  January 30th (SAT)

I am going to try for cloud funding for my exhibition.

Please check my SNS, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Namiko was a 29 year old office worker in Tokyo when she saw a photo of the northern lights that brought her to tears. In a single moment, she decided to embrace her creative instincts and reinvent herself as an Earth photographer. Although she knew nothing about the northern lights and even less about photography, she spent all of her money on a professional camera, lenses and specialized gear for a photo shoot in the -20 degree weather of Japan's norther Island of Hokkaido. In this frigid landscape, she honed her blossoming passion for wildlife photography.


Five years later, she has been invited to open her own exhibition at the famous Fujifilm Ginza photo gallery from March 19 to 25. But she needs cloud funding for location and printing fees. As such, she's requesting support via the campfire website.


Thank you so much for helping dreams come to life.

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