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Earth Photographer

Namiko Tatsunokuchi


Earth Photographer Namiko Tatsunokuchi.


Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan in January 1986.


As an Earth photographer, I endeavor to capture some of the Earth’s most beautiful moments. I seek out the art in nature and wildlife. My photographic basecamp is Hokkaido and Tokyo, although I also annually photograph the aurora borealis in Alaska.


My photo shoot services include family (bridal, maternity and child) albums, professional shoots for businesses and entrepreneurs, Surfing, Private guide for foreigners,etc. I provide services throughout Japan and around the world. Photography workshops, how to make video by smartphones or the most cutting edge camera technology to master the art of beautiful photography, are held mainly in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa.


In addition to photography, I offer an educational cooking class, "Private Gallery & Dining." I teach delicious home cooking courses which including small skills that you can practice immediately for taste and nutritional dieting. The course is perfect for singles who are living alone, ladies preparing to become brides, and young families discovering the culinary arts.  I also provide diet seminars based on my own healthy 20 kg diet success experience.


Camerakozo-bu, meaning “camera boy club” in Japanese, is a photography club that I’ve organized to allow photographers to come together and photograph the beauty in this earth. Woman can join too.

If you’d like to join us, contact me at [e-mail] or at our

Web page:To be a member.


 This article about my photography was published in an LA newspaper (USA)

【Calm of the Wild】


Photographer Spotlight

Namiko Tatsunokuchi


Exposure to something new and beautiful was certainly a catalyst of change for one office worker from Funabashi City, in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture.

Namiko Tatsunokuchi decided to attend a lecture by famed Hokkaido nature guide, and was awestruck by his photos of the aurora borealis – the northern lights.

“When I saw them, I was inspired to become a photographer,” Tatsunokuchi told, admitting that she was very much a novice at that point.

“I spontaneously asked him to teach me to shoot such beautiful im- ages,” she explained. “I’d buy any camera, I offered, if he’d teach me to use it.”

What followed has become a passion for Tatsunokuchi, who bought not one camera, but a slew of equipment to capture inspiring images of her own. The Nikon D4s seems to be her camera of choice, along with several lenses, notably a Tamron 150-600 mm for long-range

nature shots.

“I bought winter camouflage for

my first photo shoot in Alaska,” she added.

Tatsunokuchi has traveled to some 20 countries, but the one locale that draws her eye consistently is Japan’s northernmost main island, where the change in seasons is stark and dramatic.

“I now visit Hokkaido and its surpassing natural beauty once every three months. I wake before sunrise and shoot until sunset. When the stars shine, I shoot until midnight,” she wrote.

Describing how she braves the elements while waiting silently in the snow to photograph animals in their natural routines, she revealed the value of a positive attitude – and an indispensable heat pack.

“I don’t feel the deep freeze when I am excited, for a beautiful moment.”

Tatsunokuchi regularly returns to Hokkaido, learning about the local wildlife and environment.

“When I capture nature or wildlife in its essence, I’m reminded of my respect and gratitude for his guidance,” she said.

Tatsunokuchi currently teaches photography and is for public hire. More of her fascinating work can be seen on her Facebook page and at www.namikotatsunokuchi. com

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