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写真が売れました♪New Order for my photograph!

A student from my Diet Seminar recently ordered a photograph from me. He is in his early 20s and has lost 44 lbs. He leaned how to control his weight and is now able to do so by himself and without stress. I’m incredibly proud of him.

He requested a photograph of a big lake.

I mainly photograph animal wildlife, but I’ve had several recent orders for landscapes. Of course, even when I’m specifically photographing animals in the wild, there is plenty of nature to be found and I often take photos of landscapes which catch my eye. So, I looked through my photos and realized that I had overlooked and underappreciated a treasure of natural habitat photographs. I was so obsessed with learning to shoot animal wildlife that I didn’t notice I’d taken so many beautiful landscapes – including these beautiful lake pictures. These photos weren’t pre-planned or anticipated, but rather shot instinctively in the moment – and their inherent beauty fully expresses the reason that my lens was unconsciously and irresistibly drawn to them.

I went to a frame shop that has operated for 52 years in Ginza, Tokyo, and shared my chosen lake photo with the owner. He helped me to find the perfect frame.

I’m happy that my former student was joyful when he saw his framed photo, but I’m also now so very grateful to him for leading me to rediscover the full spectrum of my own photo gallery!










6/6 親子でオンライン体験フェス第二弾に出展

前回5/5子どもの日に開催されたTABICAさん主催の『親子でオンライン体験フェス』 がなんと大人気の7500名の方が参加されたそうです!! オンラインの可能性を体感しました・・・! 小田急のロマンスカー講座は2000人?! 魔法の折り紙という講座には1000人の親子がオンライン上で参加し、紙ヒコーキの作り方には300人・・・凄くないですか? このコロナの状況下で、みんな本当にいろいろ考えて、頑張


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